Margarita Mixers

It's always a good time for a frothy, smooth, tangy frozen's just too much work. Here, we take a look at three great machines that'll have you "wastin' away again" without wasting your time. These are, absolutely, three of the best.

Margaritaville Bahamas Frozen Concoction Maker with No Brainer Mixer

This takes the headache out of frozen drinks. With a top-mounted ice reservoir, stainless steel ice shaving blade mounted safely inside the machine, and variably separate cycles for Ice-shave, drink-blend, or automatic shave and blend functions, there's no problem getting the results you want. The blender pitcher, a voluminous 36 ounces, has handy measuring guidelines to make mixology more fun than science. All parts are dishwasher safe, so cleanup is a cinch. At $154.95 this machine offers everything you need, wants for nothing, and leaves money for you to go in for some 'top-shelf' ingredients.

Nostalgia Electrics 64-Ounce Margarita and Slush Maker

Looking for a simple, inexpensive, charming addition to your home bar or private oasis? This might be what you're looking for. The patented blade design ensure 'clump-free' slush each and every time, ensuring you get nothing but a beautifully blended smooth libation celebrate those lazy summer days.

Now get a taste of this, the Nostalgia Electronics model comes with a travel case and carrying the party goes with you! 64 ounce capacity, ready travel, smooth and fresh and cold. $46.88 is almost nothing to pay for a product of tis quality. Perhaps it lacks the fancy bells and whistles of machines that could cost you over $200, but frankly when the order of the day is a frosty frozen beverage and a lazy summer breeze, who wants bells and whistles?

Margaritaville Mixed Drink Maker

You knew it was coming. The drink machine that makes you giddy just to look at. Load up your choice of alcohol, I believe they say "pick-yer-poison", then fill the other canisters with mixers. Withe the push of a button, your machine knows what you have at hand. Then choose from over 15 different drink options, including ice or 'up', and by pushing a button the machine does the work. The 'wow factor' cannot be understated. Just be careful that your robot bartender doesn't become the main attraction at your parties. It is the ultimate in home beverage concoct-er/dispensers...nothing else comes close.
Yeah yeah, it's $399.00, but you already knew that. Put out a little robotic tip-jar and it'll pay for itself once your friends have 'had a few'.

By the way, fill the 'liquor dispenser' with another mixer for a kid friendly drink machine!


C'mon, we're talking about margarita machines... as long as they work, they are a good thing right? It's up to you. Do you want a simple, portable machine that does what it promises? (namely shaving and blending ice) or something a bit more elaborate? The Margaritaville Mixer is the best thing going, and if you want your friends to be absolutely be blown away, then that's the way to go. All three machines reliably blend your ice to a smooth velvety foam, they mix in your additions and give you great results...but we are talking about a party after all, so the fun-factor cannot be ignored. Oil up, get some tunes playin', call a few friends, and get the party started, these truly are the best!

Photo by Ralph Daily by flickr | CC BY 2.0

Kitchen Scales

Every kitchen ought to have a scale. It doesn’t matter how good you are in guessing the weight or quantity of a product, the kitchen is certainly not complete if it does not have one. No wonder so many times people get upset when they make a particular dish or pastry and the result is not what it out to be. Just because too much or too less of an ingredient must have being added. A kitchen scale is a necessary tool because it allows for accurate measurement and allows for perfect results. Kitchen scales have the ability to produce better cooks and one may wonder as to how this may happen. When accuracy is a key factor in the preparation of food, it results not only in physical or mental satisfaction but it also is a good factor to a better and healthier you. Not overdosing on any product in the kitchen is a good way to maintain a consistent good health and diet. Though there are so may available kitchen scales on the market, there must be an attitude to pick, choose and refuse certain kinds and brands. Many of these scales boast about how good they are in providing true results but they are mere faulty products that leave individuals arrogant and dissatisfied. When considering a good kitchen scale, one must consider key factors into getting the best for their monies worth. Even if it may be a little more expensive than another, does that other product produce top quality and genuine results and service. Checking out the best kitchen scales among the many that are present, the top three would definitely have to be:

Ozeri Pronto Digital Multifunction Kitchen and Food Scale, Elegant Black

With a price going at $13.00, even cheaper than many pizza orders, you can produce your own pizza with the right measurement and weight of ingredients to produce the same tasty or even better product. The Ozeri Pronto Digital Scale is a unique and user-friendly tool that provides nothing but accuracy, precise weight measurement and more. It is easy to clean and with its size, provides for only less space to be occupied. It measures every detail of what the user requires and this makes a good purchase for your hard earned cash. It has a weighing platform situated on top with a manually operating section just below that area. Its features include an audible response to request made for measurement by the user. What measurement you wish for it to portray can be done as it has a automatic unit button that allows for the change to whatever is desired. Its results are displayed on a LCD screen situated at the front of the scale.

EatSmart Precision Pro Digital Kitchen Scale, Silver

Just the name alone suggest one of the top benefits of the kitchen scale…providing the opportunity for users to maintain a good diet with the accurate usage of food items. The EatSmart Digital Scale as its name suggest is a digital operated scale unit with ease of access and use. It comes in a space efficient manner as it requires only but a minimum space for its work. It serves multiple functions as it not only provides results of weight of products but also a calorie guide for persons who are weight conscious and watching every bit of what they do with their health. It has a maximum weight capacity of 11lbs and showcases weights in grams, kilograms, pounds and ounces. It uniqueness allows users to save on battery usage while making preparation for use and this is a good purchase for only $19.95. With its many fascinating features, one can’t expect a better price.

Ozeri Touch Professional Digital Kitchen Scale (12 lbs Edition), Tempered Glass in Elegant Black

In a world where technology is growing rapidly and at a high level, this kitchen scales as hit a fabulous mark. With its touch capabilities and the price at just $24.95, a user knows he or she is up for nothing but a satisfaction of results acquired from this use. With its sensitive glass weighing feature, this reflective scale not only entices in physical appearance but the results it also gives it users. It is battery operated and measures in multiple units such as grams, pounds and ounces.


For prices that are not that expensive given the results they produce, these kitchen scales are worth every penny spent on them. All three scales have satisfactory results provision in common as well as the difference they have from all other ordinary scales.


Are you a food lover? Then you must have searched directly for this article. Trying different cuisines is a fantastic job and certainly a fascinating hobby. There are so many different types of cuisine around the world for people to try and one such is the Japanese Cuisine. They have a mix of fascinating colored-foods that entices anyone that sets out to give it a try. Its presentation is always at an all time high and the captivating flavor it dashes across those nostrils makes you can’t resist. But if you can’t seem to find the right place or the right cookbook to try these dishes, then having the best cookbooks presented to you is a plus advantage. Many restaurants and cooks out there claim to be producing the best Japanese foods but it tastes nothing like what the real deal is. They have obviously gotten their recipes out of some of the cheap cookbooks they seem to have picked up from somewhere unknown. There are many Japanese cookbooks present in the world but only the best will outline in details how to create the best dishes to please and satisfy the body’s longing for great food. Here are three of the best Japanese cookbooks which present nothing but the best of the cultures cuisine:

Japanese Soul Cooking

With over 100 different Japanese recipes, you are getting nothing but the best. For just a a catchy purchase of $20.53, one cannot complain of a high price especially with the result they are about to receive. It outlines from start to finish how to prepare the dishes and explain in core every detail on what to do and what to expect. This guide allows for no mistakes as if such happens, is solely on the part of the cook himself or herself. It details every soul touching dishes that has every Japanese on their tips and toes and leaves them in a finger liking mood. It certainly has the potential to leave you with such effect the same. Its core outlines every satisfying and fantasy filled eager of those who loves to indulge in a home style prepared meal and have a lasting effect and leaved them wanting nothing but more. It boasts several familiar dishes you may have tried before but nothing like the best of Japanese dictating how it is done.

Japanese Hot Pots

Don’t have the time to prepare multiple meals especially in one day? Then this Japanese cookbook is certainly for you. It boasts a lot of different one-pot meals and it certainly has a tantalizing touch on those taste buds. Just the cover of the book says it all about what to expect, nothing but the best in Japanese cuisine. It provides recipes that will satisfy the needs of the whole family where a good home-prepared meal is made in comfort. It gives from the starting point to the preparation to the final touch of how to prepare each meal and it has a sweet aroma that fills the air when being cooked. The meals in this cookbook take just minimal time to prepare and they do not require for individuals to travel all the way to Japan to get the ingredients. They are made available right in the comfort of your reach and in stores or supermarkets. No special technique is needed just the time and the fun.

Japanese Cooking Made Simple

Wouldn’t you pay $17.05 for a cookbook that will provide you with a heavy dose of recipes that satisfy your taste buds? I certainly would. Providing with over 100 different recipes that does not require lots of time to prepare, this Japanese cookbook is a must get for every family especially those who fantasies in trying multiple traditional cuisines. This cookbook does not require anyone to travel to Japan to taste the food as it gives a detailed outline of how to prepare these dishes in the comfort of the home and as said, with minimal time. The recipes are authentic and not just some fabricated material to make money. These are genuine Japanese dishes and the book is certainly worth every penny it is being sold for.

Class, quality genuineness and cost effective are some of the major terms to describe the worlds best Japanese cookbooks and the three presented have these and more quality features that leaves users satisfied. They are not expensive especially knowing the quality results that they are capable of producing. User-friendly and easy to understand, the recipes outlined in these cookbooks are made from scratch and are authenticated works of real foundation Japanese Culture. They are worth the try and are good choices to select.

Photo by pointnshoot by flickr | CC BY 2.0